Good Morning Gato # 79 – Perch Buddies

Shelldragon posted on in Art, GMGato, ZP2KX · 5 Comments »

In order to be completely happy, cats need perches. Neko and Gato have numerous perches around the house at their disposal but this particular morning, I found them adorably sharing the same stack of cubes. Can you say, “Awwww?”

New Vampire Smile Solos and ZP2KX Tunes!

Dustin "SuperDunner" posted on in Music, Vampire Smile, ZP2KX · 6 Comments »

Today, we’re offering a helpful boost over the mid week hump by adding all-new Vampire Smile and ZP2KX indie tunes to the Ska Studios music store. Available for download are two new albums including the pterodactyl-inspired ZP2KX The Whole Soundtrack and the much-demanded six song The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Missing… Read More

It’s A ZP2KX v2.0.6 Playdate!

Dustin "SuperDunner" posted on in Awesome, XBLIG, ZP2KX · 6 Comments »

The ZP2KX v2.0.6 update just made its way out the door, which means it’s the perfect time to schedule another legendary ZP2KX playdate. The fun starts Wednesday evening, when James, Michelle and myself will be hosting ZP2KX servers of varying gametypes, settings and active Mutators. Let’s all work towards that… Read More