It’s A ZP2KX v2.0.6 Playdate!

The ZP2KX v2.0.6 update just made its way out the door, which means it’s the perfect time to schedule another legendary ZP2KX playdate.

The fun starts Wednesday evening, when James, Michelle and myself will be hosting ZP2KX servers of varying gametypes, settings and active Mutators. Let’s all work towards that mystical rank 100 by banding together on Xbox LIVE and getting our ZP2KX on.

What? ZP2KX v2.0.6 Playdate
When? Wednesday, February 2nd @ 9PM Eastern
Where? Xbox LIVE
Why? Because ZP2KX is fun, we’re fun and we like fun.
How? Look for Xbox LIVE Gamertags Jamezila, SuperDunners or Shelldragon3 and join our server.