Join Us For Our First ZP2KX Playdate!

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Thousands of folks have played Zombies & Pterodactyls 20XX since its release this past weekend, unlocking new levels, outfits and skills along the way. You probably already have your classes customized and your own battle strategy, which makes it a perfect time to host our first ever ZP2KX playdate! The… Read More

ZP2KX Now Available On Xbox LIVE Indie Games!

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Zombies & Pterodactyls 20XX is now available on Xbox LIVE Indie Games for 80 Microsoft points! What are you waiting for? Download your copy, get online and go to war! More information about ZP2KX can be found at

Good Morning Gato #39 – Eye Of Cat

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ZP2KX is coming and if you haven’t heard, it’s all the rage among gamers. Even our dear Gato can’t keep her inquisitive nature contained. She wants to play, we want to play and it’s our hope that you’re just as excited to get your game on. So, let the ZP2KX… Read More