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I’ve been working on creating an editor for my free time project, Survival Crisis X, that you use just with an Xbox360 controller, and so far the results are [hate to use this word] pleasing. Here’s a nice shot: One big difference between the previous shot: it’s 720p, baby!  Survival… Read More

Isometric Test!

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Here’s an image from some isometric tech I’ve been working on. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the XNA SpriteBatch, which is a basic object in the XNA framework that can be used for all things 2D. I’ve been abusing the heck out of alpha transparency–a computationally expensive… Read More

Just an Experiment…

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I get a lot of requests to add multiplayer to SCZ.  While I’m not going to get to work on the code base of that old thing, I was giving some thought to creating an XNA/XBLA version with couch and live co-op and team games, based on smaller scenarios. Well,… Read More