Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully this page of questions asked most frequently will answer your queries and set your mind at ease! Our Team Page and Press Section includes some other little nuggets of information about us.

What indeed! For the last 13-odd years, Ska Studios hasn’t been vastly more complicated than James making games in his pajamas.

Ska Studios was founded in 2007 by James Silva after The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai won a little contest called Dream.Build.Play. Throughout the years, he’s worked with various folks to bring to life The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, Charlie Murder, Salt and Sanctuary, taking on roles of artist, animator, composer, engineer, level designer, technical artist, writer, and who knows what else. 

Ska Studios fully encourage Let’s Plays of Ska Studios games! It’s totally cool if you monetize your channel. The only ask is that you please credit Ska Studios, and link to this website Thanks for playing!

Just about all answers to support questions can be found on the Steam Community Hub bugs forum or the Salt and Sanctuary Fextralife Bug Reporting & Feedback forum. For other games, check the corresponding Steam forums or other online game forums. There’s also a Twitter and a “bugs” channel on our Discord.

As Ska Studios is currently just James, there may be employment opportunities down the road!

Your enthusiasm is awesome, but alas: James cannot accept or consider unsolicited ideas, be they new game ideas, pitches or proposals.

If you have a game idea that you really want to see made, James will forever suggest trying to make it yourself. After all, that’s how he got started!

Porting costs money and takes time, and even if you remember one of my older games very fondly, if it doesn’t seem like it would make a return on the investment to port/re-release, then it unfortunately just doesn’t make sense. Still, it doesn’t hurt to explore alternatives. 

Ska Studios is just James making games, and he’s only got so much time and energy. Sometimes a new idea is more enticing than a sequel, and sometimes revisiting a cherished universe is exciting.

How is your studio name spelled and what’s the correct use of your logo?

Ska Studios is named for the music genre! It’s not an acronym, and it’s not an abbreviation. James was once the drummer in a ska band long, long ago. Now he makes games.



James use Monogame and FNA, which are open source implementations of XNA, a framework for C# game development. He’s created his own tools for atlasing, animating, map making and every editor needed to make games. These tools have been built and improved upon over time since James founded Ska Studios in 2007.

Please don’t be rude while sharing feedback. Critique and concerns are totally fine as long as they’re done so courteously. If not, your post may be deleted.

This is up to Xbox, not us.

Unfortunately, Xbox Ambassadors on have been telling people that it is up to us, and that they should email us to request that we make Charlie Murder backward compatible. This is simply untrue. We have no control over how Xbox implements backward compatibility, and as of now, none of our titles, which are built on the XNA framework, have received backward compatibility.

We’ve asked Xbox Ambassadors to stop telling people this. Hopefully they do!

Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary is out now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PSVita, PC, Mac and Linux for $17.99 USD and is Cross-Buy between PS4 and PSVita. There is local 2-player and asynchronous online features. Unfortunately, co-op was not possible for PSVita. Porting was accomplished by Sickhead Games (Vita), Ethan Lee (Mac/Linux), and Blitworks (Nintendo Switch/Xbox One).

Currently, Salt and Sanctuary is available in the America, Europe, Japan and Asia regions for PSN and everywhere Steam is available. Check this handy wiki to see what countries are in these regions.

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