Good Morning Gato #58 – Totally Not Camera Shy

What a nice picture of Ska Studios’ two resident cats. And while Neko may shy away from the camera’s flash (her insecurities do get the best of her sometimes), Gato has absolutely zero camera phobias. Gato is full of pride and confidence and is always ready for the lens. Cat, camera and confidence aside, it’s time for another informative edition of Good Morning Gato.

Even Moar Music!
Based on your enthusiastic demands, we’ve added new music to the Ska Studios music store and you’ll be overjoyed to hear that we’ve included the missing Vampire Smile solos!

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Missing Solos Soundtrack features the music of all six mini-game solos from the game, including my personal favorite “New Canon”. As a bonus, all of the indie’licious tunes from Zombies & Pterodactyls 20XX has been added to the music store as ZP2KX The Whole Soundtrack.

Every single megabyte of music in the store is available for “pay what you want”, so download as many songs as your MP3 player can handle.

Summertime Studio
It’s technically spring here in New York, but the weather has been feeling more like a muggy summer than the expected cool breezes of springtime. With that, Ska Studios’ dehumidifier has been taken out of winter retirement and has been put to use, thus creating a more comfortable working space. Unfortunately, spiders too have come out of their winter hibernation and have decided to invade. My ongoing mantra: kill all arachnids without hesitation or any lingering remorse.

I bring up these topics as a forewarning that future Ska games may include inspiration from such surroundings. Say, for example, in a game like Charlie Murder. If you find yourself in a sweltering jungle fighting an army of mini spiders with some sort of dehumidifying weapon, then you know where such an idea came from.

(Second) Best Easter Egg Of 2011 (So Far)
According to GameFront, The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile features the second best easter egg of 2011. (Exclamation point!) Admittedly, it’s a bit early to be making a “2011 best of” list, but who are we to complain about placing second on any list? Watch the easter egg’ness below and have a fantastic weekend.