Good Morning Gato #48 – An Attack From Above

Here you see Gato participating in her favorite pastime: terrorizing Neko. Gato patiently lingers above just waiting for an opportunity to attack her sister. It’s a devilish display of kitty power that Gato routinely feels the need to exert.

ZP2KX v2.0.6 Has Arrived!
ZP2KX v2.0.6 is now available! The free update to our Xbox LIVE Indie Game ZP2KX implements a bunch of fixes, makes some enhancements, adds new Mutators and injects new map awesome! Check out the game trailer, right now. I’ll wait.

The update has taken a while to get out the door (we were hoping for a much quicker turnaround), but in the end we’re happy with what we were able to accomplish with v2.0.6. While many fans would say that their favorite changes are the bug fixes, kill console upgrades and new map, I believe that the real star of the update is the No Swords Mutator. Try it. You’ll fall in love.

Earlier in the week, the entire Ska team went online for an organized ZP2KX playdate and for those who were able to join, thanks for playing! It was crazy fun getting the chance to play with fellow ZP2KX‘ers and we heard lots of positive feedback about v2.0.6. (Note to self: More organized playdates.)

There you have it, an updated ZP2KX for your enjoyment. If you haven’t played in a while, there’s no better time than now to download the update and hop back into the mix.

Obligatory PAX Planning Update
PAX East 2011 is coming fast. Like, caffeinated cheetah running across the open plain fast. But unlike our inagural PAX showing last year, we now know what to expect and how to better prepare. Right now I’m making sure everything is lined up and products are ordered in the most organized way possible. We will have new t-shirts to sell, even more Vampire Smile to share and there’s a great possibility that we’ll have major prizes to giveaway. Details to come.

PAX East is going to rock, so get your tickets now, visit us in Boston next month and everyone will be happy.

Word of advice: don’t plug a 1000 watt heater into a circuit that powers all of Ska Studios. It’ll trip said circuit and shut down every computer in the room. Knowledge is power, now go have a great weekend.