Top Ten Again!

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Just saw the updated popular Xbox Community Games list, and we hit the top ten again!  ZP2K9 is #5! That’s right, we just barely beat those two awful massage games. A new version with bug fixes is up for peer review now; hopefully it will settle a lot of… Read More

How Not to Promote ZP2K9

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This is too funny… So, ZP2K9 is on the Community Games marketplace.  It’s a side scrolling multiplayer online shooter.  It’s 200 points.  It’s fun.  I like it.  Some random people like it.  Some people like it so much, they saw fit to promote it!  Harmless, no? Well, one of my… Read More

ZP2K9 on XBCG!

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Well, when it rains, it pours.  While waiting for The Dishwasher to pass cert, I finished up this happy-go-deathmatchy platformer called ZP2K9 and submitted it for Xbox Community Games.  It went up Saturday or so, and just about every time I’ve checked there have been a couple of games going… Read More

Awesome: ZSX4 is #5!

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According to Major Nelson, ZSX4: Guitarpocalypse is now #5 on Xbox  Community Games!  I have no idea what this means in terms of sales (after all, Swords and Monsters is #10), but I’m still pretty excited!  (Check it out if you haven’t yet) In Dishwasher news, we’re in the final… Read More

ZSX4 is Live!

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Queue it up! Right now it’s… well… not the least popular game, but its still getting pummeled in the popularity contest by Garrett the Slug. You don’t have to buy it (though it costs the same as 5 64×64 images), but at least give it a download.  My image is… Read More