Awesome: ZSX4 is #5!

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According to Major Nelson, ZSX4: Guitarpocalypse is now #5 on Xbox  Community Games!  I have no idea what this means in terms of sales (after all, Swords and Monsters is #10), but I’m still pretty excited!  (Check it out if you haven’t yet) In Dishwasher news, we’re in the final… Read More

ZSX4 passes peer review, will be live soon!

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Sweet! Well, the first iteration was causing errors because the game title contained a colon, so now it’s up as “ZSX4 Guitarpocalypse.”  Kind of loses something, doesn’t it?  Anyway, I got this form email from the XNA team: Dear Jamezila, The XNA team is delighted to tell you that your… Read More

Let's see how this Peer Review thing works anyway…

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When XNA 1.0 beta came out, I started off by working on a game called Zombie Smashers X4: Guitarpocalypse.  It’s a knock-your-enemies-off-the-platform arena game (I shall not be mentioning any successful Nintendo franchises here) with a pretty crazy Guitarpocalyptic Power Chord mechanic worked into it–knock guys off the world (or… Read More