ZP2KX v2.0.6 Releases, Adds More Awesome!

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ZP2KX, our recently released Xbox LIVE Indie Games sensation has been injected with even more awesome. Available today is a free v2.0.6 update to ZP2KX, which we’re calling ZP2KX v2.0.6 (how original, right?) The update ushers in a bunch of fixes, makes a few enhancements and tweaks what needed tweaking.… Read More

Good Morning Gato #47 – Kitty Cubed

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Aww, look at Gato in her very own cube. Adorable, right? The only thing that could make this blog any better would be confirmation that progress is being made on the release of ZP2KX v2.0.6. It’s true, progress is being made and there is more info to share after the… Read More

Good Morning Gato #42 – A Very Merry Gato Xmas

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It’s a holiday weekend, which means we have last minute presents to wrap and holiday cheer to spread. Gato isn’t quite in the mood for the festivities (she isn’t a people person), but sure does loves receiving presents. Her love can be bought and so can ours. Step inside for… Read More