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Good Morning Gato #146 – Herp de Derp

We’re now in the final stretch of Charlie Murder free with Games with Gold. The patch is out! Hooray! Everyone can get their last Achievement and merch is half off still! Sweet!

16 Comments June 27, 2014

Charlie Murder Title Update is Live!

It’s hereeee! We are jumping up and down in excitement!
Here’s what you can expect in this Title Update:

*I’m Thorough Achievement – collect all the relics ~ The Jeweled Cross has been removed and the player requires the 54 unique relics to complete this achievement.
*Private Matches can no longer be joined by public players.
*Players no longer have to fight Circe and Tepes again once they have already been defeated.
*Remote players can no longer pause everyone’s game – Just the host.
*Rex heals more viable, Charlie heals no longer as overpowered.
*Possibly more things James forgot he tweaked and didn’t write down. Will update this list as he remembers. x_X

I also am taking this opportunity to remind you all of the rules of the blog which can be found on our About Page. We’d like to keep comments open so keep it respectful. You absolutely may voice your concerns, opinions and requests but if it is disrespectful to us or others, it will be deleted.

51 Comments June 20, 2014

Good Morning Gato #145 – It’s Been Too Long


Hey Ska Bros and Ladybros! Charlie goes up for free with Gold this Monday the 16th. That’s exciting!  We’ve also got a Charlie patch in certification. Will it make in time for Games With Gold? We don’t know!  Why has it taken so long?  We sort of know: it has really been a combination of things, some of which we had control over.  Unlike things like erosion and radioactive decay, patches don’t simply just happen over time, but we’re getting there.  We’ve only done one patch other than this one: it was in 2009 (five years ago!) and it was somehow ridiculously easier.

7 Comments June 13, 2014

Games with Gold: Charlie Murder Free in June!

You heard right: Charlie Murder will be free with Games with Gold on Xbox360 in June!  Also part of Games With Gold for Xbox 360 in June will be Dark Souls (which we are quite big fans of) and Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition (evidently a tie-in to Jean Claude Van Damme’s 1994 masterpiece). Awesome to the max.

But what about the Charlie patch? Real talk: a patch was most certainly submitted by us.  How long it’ll take to go through cert, and whether it’ll pass cert are unknown, but it’s been submitted, so that’s good.

Also, huge thanks to those of you who bought Charlie at launch!  Our survival as an indie studio will always depend entirely on the generosity of our fans; you amazing people will always have our deepest gratitude. Always… and forever.


12 Comments May 16, 2014

Good Morning Gato #144 – GDC and Adventures

Wow. It has been a while. We were able to hit GDC and Emerald City Comic Con this month, where massive business-fun-gaming times were had all around.

10 Comments April 4, 2014

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