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Good Morning Gato #144 – GDC and Adventures

Wow. It has been a while. We were able to hit GDC and Emerald City Comic Con this month, where massive business-fun-gaming times were had all around.

2 Comments April 4, 2014

Charlie Murder Holiday Sale!

As a part of the Xbox holiday deals, Charlie Murder will be available for $3.30, or 67% off, from Dec 24 – Dec 31! Tell all your friends!

10 Comments December 23, 2013

Good Morning Gato #135 – Creepy Sisters

Nothing is creepier than a cat sitting very still and endlessly staring into your soul. Nothing except two cats sitting very still and endlessly staring into your soul. Good job you creepy sister cats.

4 Comments November 22, 2013

Good Morning Gato #131 – Little Ball of Insanity

Gato often looks quite melancholy but she’s probably just sleepy. When the cats aren’t running around like little balls of furry crazy, they’re usually just looking sleepy. Don’t let that cute little face fool you though, she can go from 0 to full insane faster than you can blink. So don’t blink. Just. Don’t. Blink.

3 Comments September 27, 2013

Good Morning Gato #130 – We Hear Ya

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about Charlie Murder since launch. We’ve received lots of positive feedback, a few unexpected reactions, and quite a few bugs. Today, I want to respond to some of that feedback and let you know: “we hear ya”.

9 Comments September 13, 2013

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