Good Morning Gato #157 – Spring Cleaning

It’s spring and it’s glorious, but that also means it’s time to clean up. All of us, Gato included, would rather stare out the window than give the house a cleaning overhaul.

10 Comments May 8, 2015 posted by Shelldragon

Good Morning Gato #156 – The Long Stare

Good morning! Or should I say good afternoon, possibly evening, Gato! We haven’t posted a GMG in a while but better late than never, right? We have been mighty busy with GDC and SXSW so here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to.

4 Comments March 20, 2015 posted by Shelldragon

Good Morning Gato #155 – Salty Gato

It’s February! Love is in the air! Or is it lick is on the finger? Yea, probably that.

9 Comments February 6, 2015 posted by Shelldragon

Good Morning Gato #154 – Becoming Self Aware

The end of January means a number of things. The first, possibly most awesome thing is that it’s my birthday! The second is that convention season is coming up. We have our first lined up convention coming up this March. We hope to see you there! More on that after the break.

2 Comments January 23, 2015 posted by Shelldragon

Good Morning Gato #153 – A New Gato Year

Welcome to a brand new year of brand new things! We’ve got answers–lots of answers–after the break.


7 Comments January 9, 2015 posted by Shelldragon

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