A Very Salty Valentine’s from Ska Studios

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Feel free to print these for someone you fancy(right click, save image as) or if you like, they’re also up on our RedBubble! Credits: Unspeakable Deep suggestion from IronMaus Queen of Smiles suggestion from Lobosjr Salty card by Shelldragon All art drawn by Shelldragon

2016 and a New Year

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Hey Ska friends! It’s been a long time, once again. I’ll start off with – no, there still is no release date for Vita. It’s been an uphill battle getting Monogame working with Vita but Sickhead Games and we are getting closer. We expect to submit to certification soon with… Read More

Salt and Sanctuary at PSX 2016 in Anaheim!

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We’re going to be at PlayStation Experience once again this December 3rd and 4th! Salt and Sanctuary will be there on PS4 and for the first time ever, playable on PSVita. We hope to be able to say soon when Salt and Sanctuary will be available on your PlayStation Vita… Read More

Salt and Sanctuary on PlayStation®4 in Japan

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Last month, we announced Salt and Sanctuary is now localized for Japan on Steam. We’re working on getting the last pieces of the release puzzle together but with a little luck, on August 18th, Salt and Sanctuary will also be available on PlayStation®4 in Japan! To celebrate, some folks of… Read More

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