Good Morning Gato #136 – Not the Gato?

Shelldragon posted on in GMGato, Store · 1 Comment »

Happy day after Thanksgiving, every Ska-bro! Travelling for the holidays often means not getting to see our sweet little kitties for a while and in this case it also means no Gato picture. 🙁 I suppose we’ll have to make due with another black cat. Meet Chococat, family hunter-beast cat… Read More

Good Morning Gato #134 – Spy Kitty

Shelldragon posted on in Charity, GMGato · 4 Comments »

Gato loves to be up high and scope out the room. This ledge above the door is just perfect for spying kitties. Why she’s spying on us and not out the window for deliveries of the next gen consoles though, I can’t say for sure. On an unrelated note, read… Read More

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