Time Viking for Xbox 360!

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Hey folks, James here! The Charlie patch has been a long time coming, but something I’ve had in my to-do queue for much, much longer is now nearly there: it’s Time Viking for Xbox 360, to be known colloquially as TIME VIKING!!!!!ANDSPACERAPTOR.  TV!&SR, the much-requested sequel to I MAED A GAM3… Read More

The Other Charlie

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Know what I’ve been dying to talk about? Alternabands. Instead of unlockable characters, Charlie Murder has unlockable bands. There are a total of three, and they’ve all been pulled from their respective unique dimensions across the Sceniverse and imprisoned by evil crystals. Or something.

Vampires Smile, Charlie Murders

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The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile‘s in the news, and the circumstances are interesting, to say the least! (I’ve posted a response in NeoGAF, but more in that in a second) We do get asked pretty often if The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile will ever come to PC.  And we’ve always given roughly… Read More

The Blood of the Indies

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In Charlie Murder, the whole band gets Windows Phones on the fictional t2f (short for ta2fön) network.  There’s a bunch of stuff you can use your phone for, like email (some of it rote, some of it interesting), camera phone, and squid-themed microblogging site  I thought it was a fun way to give… Read More

New Logo!

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Michelle and I are scrambling like crazies to get ourselves fully PAX Prepared, and with epic Boston approaching in just under two weeks, we’ve turned our collective creativity beams to an area we’ve dumbly neglected for far too long: mediastuffthings.  In case you haven’t heard, Charlie Murder began life as… Read More