The Other Charlie


Know what I’ve been dying to talk about? Alternabands. Instead of unlockable characters, Charlie Murder has unlockable bands. There are a total of three, and they’ve all been pulled from their respective unique dimensions across the Sceniverse and imprisoned by evil crystals. Or something.

The Sceniverse

The Sceniverse is basically a multiverse of scenes. You know how in the multiverse (assuming you, like me, can traverse the multiverse at will), you’d fully expect to find copies of yourself as millionaires or karaoke hustlers? Well, swap out millionaires and karaoke hustlers for armor-clad banjo-core bassists and two hundred foot golem saxophonists, and you understand the Sceniverse.


The Other Charlie

The Other Charlie is a Raspy Experimental Folk Core band of ancient frozen beings hailing from north of the Scenewall.  From the smallest mead halls to the finest courts, The Other Charlie has a history of consistently filling halls, slaughtering the entire audience, reanimating the entire audience as mindless wights, and continuing the set. Their current lineup was, is and will always be:

  • Ser Charl: Ranger and vocalist, Charl summons ancient creatures to his side.
  • Kell of the Frosty Mists: Enchantress and backup vocalist, Kell poisons the minds of her enemies.
  • Cold King Lestin: Lich and lead guitarist, Lestin’s elemental spells summon ice and corrosion.
  • Tomman Feathercrest: Icemonk and bassist, Tomman’s incantations bolster the band’s resolve.
  • Rex Harl Krug: Yeti and drummer, Rex’s storms strip flesh from bone.

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