Spamblast it!

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Figured I should put up a short PSA. About an hour ago, my gmail account got compromised, and some degenerate from Serbia sent out a few hundred spam emails as me, each one with three links to Russian and Chinese sites followed by my signature.  I’ve gotten a few responses… Read More

There Is No Honor Here

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Lately I’ve gotten a bit obsessed with the concept of honor in indie game development.  Perhaps the term “honor” seems a bit antiquated what with seppuku being out of fashion and honor killings being outright worst-thing-ever-and-not-in-a-funny-way, but I think honor–or the lack thereof–is precisely the concept that irks the heck… Read More

We're on Wired!

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Mark Brown wrote a great article about Xbox Live Indie Games for Wired.  I am quoted thusly: “I think XBLIG generally has a hard time getting people to take it seriously,” says James Silva, creator of highest rated Indie game, I Maed a Gam3 w1th Zomb1es!!!1. “Unlike Xbox Live Arcade,… Read More