New Logo!

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Michelle and I are scrambling like crazies to get ourselves fully PAX Prepared, and with epic Boston approaching in just under two weeks, we’ve turned our collective creativity beams to an area we’ve dumbly neglected for far too long: mediastuffthings.  In case you haven’t heard, Charlie Murder began life as… Read More

Spamblast it!

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Figured I should put up a short PSA. About an hour ago, my gmail account got compromised, and some degenerate from Serbia sent out a few hundred spam emails as me, each one with three links to Russian and Chinese sites followed by my signature.  I’ve gotten a few responses… Read More

There Is No Honor Here

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Lately I’ve gotten a bit obsessed with the concept of honor in indie game development.  Perhaps the term “honor” seems a bit antiquated what with seppuku being out of fashion and honor killings being outright worst-thing-ever-and-not-in-a-funny-way, but I think honor–or the lack thereof–is precisely the concept that irks the heck… Read More

We're on Wired!

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Mark Brown wrote a great article about Xbox Live Indie Games for Wired.  I am quoted thusly: “I think XBLIG generally has a hard time getting people to take it seriously,” says James Silva, creator of highest rated Indie game, I Maed a Gam3 w1th Zomb1es!!!1. “Unlike Xbox Live Arcade,… Read More