Good Morning Gato #41 – Caught In The Act

What are you doing Gato? Don’t you know that you aren’t supposed to play with the Playstation 3? Shame on you! Kitties like you should only be playing on the Kinect where opposable thumbs aren’t required. Now, sit still, think about what you have done and prep yourself for another edition of Good Morning Gato.

ZP2KX: The Game That Will Release Soon’ish
Third time’s the charm (or so says the idiom’s creator.)

After two unsuccesful attempts, ZP2KX was again placed into peer review this past Wednesday and I’m pleased to announce, that as of a few minutes ago, the game has made it through! But hold steady, because it has only made it “through” peer review which doesn’t automatically mean ZP2KX is 100% approved. So, we have a little wait until we find out if ZP2KX gets final approval, thus landing it on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. What’s the timeframe? Well, it could release tomorrow, Sunday or it’s entirely possible that it didn’t get approved for whatever reason.

Don’t work yourself up too much because as ZP2KX makes its final decent into XBLIG airspace, I’ll be sure to plaster news of its release all over the interwebs. For now, we just wait in anticipation.

Buying A New PC? Be Sure You Get What You Paid For
Funny story. Last week James made an executive decision to purchase a rockin’ new PC to help him make even more awesome games. We found a pretty nifty Dell XPS 8100 for a nice price on, so an order was spontaneously placed and in-store pickup was the chosen method of computer acquisition.

The next day, James and I hopped into the car and drove to the local Best Buy in Albany to pickup the XPS. Upon arrival, the friendly Best Buy in-store pickup dude didn’t have a clue where the computer was. He was totally clueless. I spotted a single Dell computer box sitting on the floor, which I figured had to be the computer, so I made a not so subtle hint of my findings. After a bit of searching, Mr. Best Buy dude decided that seeing as that was the only Dell box around, it must be our computer. Documents were signed, cordial goodbyes were exchanged and we proceeded out the door with giant box in hand.

That would be the end of the story if it weren’t for the fact that after navigating the parking lot, getting to our car and placing the computer in the back seat, we made a discovery: The Dell XPS 8100 that we purchased was actually a cheap Dell Inspiron-Not-Our-Computer 350. DOH! After a quick inspection of the paperwork on the box, it was concluded that the silly Best Buy dude had given us some other lady’s order. No joke.

Back into the store we go where we wait for another 10 minutes for them to track down the correct computer which we were told was hidden somewhere in the warehouse, but I personally spotted a stack of them on the show floor. Whatever. We finally left with the correct Dell XPS, but not before Mr. Best Buy dude apologized, saying something like; “Sorry for the mixup guys. I didn’t check the order tag on the computer, because it was the only one sitting here and I figured it had to be yours.” Really?

So, make sure that when you go pickup an order that you get you what you paid for. Otherwise, you’ll end up coming home with an Inspiron.

That be it for the week. Keep an eye out for ZP2KX , feel free to browse in the meantime and we’ll see you online!