Good Morning Gato #42 – A Very Merry Gato Xmas

It’s a holiday weekend, which means we have last minute presents to wrap and holiday cheer to spread. Gato isn’t quite in the mood for the festivities (she isn’t a people person), but sure does loves receiving presents. Her love can be bought and so can ours.

Step inside for a seasonally appropriate, pterodactyl’tastic holiday edition of Good Morning Gato!

A Week of Pterodactyl War
W00t! That’s the one word that comes to mind when thinking about ZP2KX and its first week of release on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. Thousands of folks have already committed their 80 Microsoft points to a purchase and have logged hours upon hours of Xbox LIVE multiplayer. A few of which came from our Tuesday night playdate. While I don’t have specific numbers to share regarding global ranks, I can guarantee that a handful of folks have already shot up to a max rank of 100 which, of course, is INSANE!

While we’ve heard a lot of positive feedback and praise from fellow ZP2KX’ers who are enjoying the game, we have also heard a few complaints. Know that we are not turning a deaf ear to your criticism as we have already put your feedback to work in a game patch. A patch that (we hope) will squash a few lingering bugs and refine the game for the better. We’re aiming for a patched ZP2KX release sometime late next week, but with the XBLIG’s approval process, one can’t be completely sure.

Oh, and if you still have constructive feedback to share or spotted an annoying bug that you want to tell us about, hop on over to our ZP2KX feedback thread on Facebook. Yup, we’re still listening 😀

Happy Holidays!
And that’s it for this short and holiday-sweet edition of Good Morning Gato. Enjoy your extended weekend and down an extra glass of eggnog just for us.