ZP2KX v2.0.6 Releases, Adds More Awesome!

ZP2KX, our recently released Xbox LIVE Indie Games sensation has been injected with even more awesome.

Available today is a free v2.0.6 update to ZP2KX, which we’re calling ZP2KX v2.0.6 (how original, right?) The update ushers in a bunch of fixes, makes a few enhancements and tweaks what needed tweaking. In addition, v2.0.6 adds three new Mutators and an all-new map, “The Harvest”. Check after the break for a complete list of update notes.

General Updates
– Character movement is now more precise.
– Character spawn locations are now chosen more randomly.
– Game drops now handled more gracefully.
– Game music restarts after a rank up.
– General bug fixes.
– In-game roster now shows current player level in addition to insignia.
– In-game roster now shows active Mutator.
– In-game roster now centered on the screen.
– Main menu controller rumble bug is now fixed.
– Main menu audio bug is now fixed.
– Reduced kill console text to display a maximum of five lines.

Game Mode Updates
– King of the Hill leveling glitch has been patched.
– King of the Hill scoring has been reduced slightly.
– Scoring objective now set to lowest value by default.
– Zombie Hunt balancing has been made.

Map Updates
– The Harvest map added.
– Ice Burg has additional spawn locations.
– The Mine graphic bug has been fixed.

Mutator Updates
– Firestorm Mutator, removed DRGN Flame weapon from initial loadout.
– Goodie Bag Mutator added.
– Jet Max! Mutator added.
– No Swords Mutator added.
– Sword Mutator, removed all initial loadout swords except for the Masume.

Skills Updates
– Chemist Skill has had its impact reduced.
– Griefer Skill has increased its griefing effectiveness.
– Kung Fu Hero Skill now features a new kicking animation.
– Shifter Skill now features air recover ability. Kick mid-air to recover.

Weapon Updates
– AK-47 That Fires Cats now features black (Gato) cats AND white (Neko) cats.
– AK-47 That Fires Cats now has limited ammo.
– Assault Rifle’s volume reduced.
– Blade of Tyr’ Az-Gul’r’s damage count increased.
– Lightning Grenade’s volume reduced.