XNA, Flash and CD-ROM Graphics

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I remember a conversation I had in about sixth grade, when CD-ROM was relatively new technology.  My friend Andrew was trying to convince me that “CD-ROM Graphics” was, well, something that only a CD could bring you.  Games like The Journeyman Project and 7th Guest definitely did things that you… Read More

Z0MB1ES is #1 on Major Nelson's List!

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Title says it all, we’re #1! (top rated, too!) And holy roundup, Batman: Kotaku would pay $1 just for the theme song Destructoid calls it this year’s “Still Alive” Joystiq thinks it’s “astounding” GameGirl is hooked GamingAngels was blown away by the awesomeness of the game TheXboxDomain liked the awesome… Read More

High! Priority! Press! Release!

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For Immediate Release: Ska Studios LLC today announced a truly epic title in the true tradition of epicness with its latest video game entertainment product release, I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1, set for release August 16, 2009 on the Xbox Live Indie Games for 80 Microsoft Points. Presenting a… Read More

A word about Xbox Live Community Games/Indie Games

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I haven’t done much with Xbox Community Games in awhile (this will change soon; I just need a break from Super Secret XNA Project 2.0), but that hasn’t stopped me from reading some fun articles lambasting the service for promising wealth, fame, and Princess-Bride-caliber true love, only to turn around… Read More

ZSX4 is Live!

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Queue it up! Right now it’s… well… not the least popular game, but its still getting pummeled in the popularity contest by Garrett the Slug. You don’t have to buy it (though it costs the same as 5 64×64 images), but at least give it a download.  My image is… Read More