ZSX4 is Live!

Queue it up!

Right now it’s… well… not the least popular game, but its still getting pummeled in the popularity contest by Garrett the Slug. You don’t have to buy it (though it costs the same as 5 64×64 images), but at least give it a download.  My image is on the line.

Also, xnPlay is all over it.

If anything, I guess this should go to show how easy it is to get a game on XBCG.

It’s as complicated as:

  • Make a game that doesn’t crash (bonus: make a game that doesn’t suck!  For pointers, buy my book!)
  • Make a box art image, take 4 screenshots, make a thumbnail, make a movie (optional)
  • Upload the game
  • Wait for it to pass review (as long as it doesn’t crash and doesn’t contain colons, racism, or Nazis, this should be painless)
  • Wait for it to go LIVE!

Granted, the first step is the most time consuming, but traditionally in the PC gaming world, the other steps are the biggest hassle (submitting to random portals, setting up payment processing services, etc).  This means that hobbyist game development, a hobby which is traditionally 90% fun, is now 98% fun and console-deployable.  Amazing.  Go nuts!