Z0MB1ES is #1 on Major Nelson's List!

Title says it all, we’re #1! (top rated, too!)

And holy roundup, Batman:

  • Kotaku would pay $1 just for the theme song
  • Destructoid calls it this year’s “Still Alive”
  • Joystiq thinks it’s “astounding”
  • GameGirl is hooked
  • GamingAngels was blown away by the awesomeness of the game
  • TheXboxDomain liked the awesome music, addictive qualities, great replay value
  • thinks it’s way too much fun for its own good

50,000 downloads, 6,237 ratings and an average score of 4.75, these are freaking excellent numbers.  This was exactly what I had in mind when I heard Microsoft was rebranding XBLCG as Xbox Live Indie Games and switching the price points to let us sell games for $1.  It’s indie! It’s a dollar! It’s the type of thing that would’ve seemed like a really bad idea if you were trying to describe it to someone you wanted to borrow money from!

And to think that Joystiq’s Andrew Yoon just declared that XBLIG is “floundering” (qualified by a 5-month old article, no less).  Guess we can chalk that one up to Playstation fanboyism!  Of course, if Sony created some sort of zero-entry-barrier developer-friendly platform (think XNA), maybe my PS3 could be more than just a protein folding Blu-Ray player… burn!