Top Ten Again!

Just saw the updated popular Xbox Community Games list, and we hit the top ten again!  ZP2K9 is #5!

That’s right, we just barely beat those two awful massage games.

A new version with bug fixes is up for peer review now; hopefully it will settle a lot of the 1.0 silliness.

Particularly notable fixes will include:

  • Shows what gamer is talking
  • Show gamer names under players
  • Numerous CTF bug fixes
  • On-the-fly server bot count + game type changes
  • Team DM spawns random (like vanilla DM)
  • 3 second respawn invulnerability
  • Bat ceiling hang bonuses switched to invisibility
  • Renamed/reskinned Cheetah Suit to Cyborg Suit

Unfortunately, XBCG games don’t force you to update, so it’s a good idea to check the XBCG New Arrivals queue for updates.  When ZP2K9 1.0.1 arrives, it’ll be up there.  And once most everyone has moved over to 1.0.1, I can start adding more content (maps, suits, etc).  Also, from version 1.0.1 and up, ZP2K9 will be a bit smart about notifying you about updates.  Workarounds, FTW!

Thanks to everyone who helped make ZP2K9 a sudden success!