Good Morning Gato #51 – Smelling The Roses

Shelldragon posted on in Art, GMGato, Microsoft, PAX, Ska Studios, T-Shirts, Travel, Vampire Smile · 3 Comments »

Gato, like many cats, furiously investigates any new thing that enters her home. A recent sharp influx of PAX shwag from FedEx has led to a serious upswing in Gato-conducted detective work.  She likes roses too! Good morning Gato and blog readers! Your usual Good Morning Gato will be presented to you… Read More

Good Morning Gato #36 – Our Very Own Kinectimal

Dustin "SuperDunner" posted on in GMGato, T-Shirts, Vampire Smile, XBLIG, Z0MB1ES, ZP2KX · 3 Comments »

Aww, look at Gato. She’s obviously super excited to experience the controller-free gaming revolution that is Kinect. Sadly, she is relocated to the sidelines because Kinect technology doesn’t yet detect her cat paws. Don’t feel sorry for her, though. Gato loves sitting in the Kinect box and watching us play… Read More