Good Morning Gato #51 – Smelling The Roses

Gato, like many cats, furiously investigates any new thing that enters her home. A recent sharp influx of PAX shwag from FedEx has led to a serious upswing in Gato-conducted detective work.  She likes roses too!

Good morning Gato and blog readers! Your usual Good Morning Gato will be presented to you by the newest Ska Studio-er, Michelle. Wednesday evening, Dustin ventured across the country to represent Ska Studios and The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile at Microsoft’s Xbox February Showcase in slightly-warmer-than-here San Francisco. Try not to be too upset by the change today; take a deep breath and everything will be just fine.

Convention Comprehensive
With Dustin giving a series of indubitably outstanding presentations of Vampire Smile at the Xbox February Showcase, we got some rad pickup! Joystiq touched on the stereoscopic 3D support and Game Informer gave us a sparkling preview of story and gameplay. While I won’t get into the decision in Good Morning Gato, you can expect a blurb later on the 3D feature of Vampire Smile.

PAX East is 14 days away! We’re waiting on the last few pieces of PAX East supplies for Gato to rub against before we pack them in the van and begin the journey to Boston. I assure that you will not be disappointed by our display and fervor. But don’t take my word for it, visit our booth # 607 and see for yourself! We’ll have a fully playable Vampire Smile, prizes, freebies and good things to buy including a few new shirt designs (created by yours truly).

Local Indie Flavor
This week, all three members of Ska Studios braved the cold tundra of upstate New York to attend a local game industry meetup in Troy. Though the meetup was billed as an impromptu job fair to deal with some pretty unfortunate circumstances, it was pretty cool to see upstate New York’s games industry come out of the woodwork to help out some extremely talented people.

Extra Space for Activities
It’s no secret that Ska Studios is always eyeball deep in projects even though the topics themselves may be a secret. With people happily murdering in ZP2KX and Vampire Smile coming up, we can’t forget about the other work in the pipeline. As well as the games themselves, we have other less digital projects to put the finishing touches on such as the life-size Violence Hammer. At the moment, I’m adding a lot more spiky bits to really make it violent. Here is a sneak preview below but you’ll have to come to the show floor to see it in its full glory. See you there!