ZSX4 is Live!

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Queue it up! Right now it’s… well… not the least popular game, but its still getting pummeled in the popularity contest by Garrett the Slug. You don’t have to buy it (though it costs the same as 5 64×64 images), but at least give it a download.  My image is… Read More

ZSX4 passes peer review, will be live soon!

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Sweet! Well, the first iteration was causing errors because the game title contained a colon, so now it’s up as “ZSX4 Guitarpocalypse.”  Kind of loses something, doesn’t it?  Anyway, I got this form email from the XNA team: Dear Jamezila, The XNA team is delighted to tell you that your… Read More

Let's see how this Peer Review thing works anyway…

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When XNA 1.0 beta came out, I started off by working on a game called Zombie Smashers X4: Guitarpocalypse.  It’s a knock-your-enemies-off-the-platform arena game (I shall not be mentioning any successful Nintendo franchises here) with a pretty crazy Guitarpocalyptic Power Chord mechanic worked into it–knock guys off the world (or… Read More

Ziggy's got a contest!

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My friend Ziggy’s throwing another XNA-article-writing contest, giving you a chance to prove your XNA-article-writing skills!  If your kung fu is strong, you win an Xbox 360 Elite.  I’d try to compete but (a) I’m really not that good at programming and (b) I’m supposed to be hard at work… Read More

Status Update with the Ferocity of a Thousand Status Updates (recursively)

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Well, not quite that exciting. But thing are moving along pretty well, albeit a little delayed (I think I’m 2 weeks off schedule currently, but who’s counting?) One interesting little bit of fun is localization.  The Dishwasher is coming out in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese. … Read More