ZSX4 passes peer review, will be live soon!


Well, the first iteration was causing errors because the game title contained a colon, so now it’s up as “ZSX4 Guitarpocalypse.”  Kind of loses something, doesn’t it?  Anyway, I got this form email from the XNA team:

Dear Jamezila,

The XNA team is delighted to tell you that your community game has been approved by your fellow Creators. You should see the game appear within 48 hours of the time of this message on the community games area of Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Since you are now a successful game author, you might consider sharing your tips and tricks on, celebrating, or just bragging a little. 🙂

Thanks again for making our community great!

The XNA Team

Oh yes, there will be bragging…

Anyway, for a good party game (and only $2.50–I mean come on!), you can check out ZSX4: Guitarpocalypse.  If it’s not up yet, I’m guessing it will be by Turkey Day.  Gravy, stuffing, turkey, zombies, ninjas, and Neko: it’s like a party of overflowing pleasantness!