Let's see how this Peer Review thing works anyway…

When XNA 1.0 beta came out, I started off by working on a game called Zombie Smashers X4: Guitarpocalypse.  It’s a knock-your-enemies-off-the-platform arena game (I shall not be mentioning any successful Nintendo franchises here) with a pretty crazy Guitarpocalyptic Power Chord mechanic worked into it–knock guys off the world (or break boxes, kill zombies, etc) to get red orbs, then play guitar solos to turn red orb energy into Guitarpocalyptic charge, then release devastating Guitarpocalyptic Power Chords.  Also, Neko’s in it.

Anyway, as The Dishwasher is entering another bit of testing, I took a few free hours and brought ZSX4 up to 3.0 speed and tried putting it up for Peer Review on XBCG.  I honestly have no clue how it’ll pan out–the game hasn’t crashed in like forever, but then I haven’t really touched it in forever, so who knows if it’s all sorts of secretly buggy.  If it passes, everyone will be able to pull it off XBCG for the modest price of 200 points (that’s the minimum I can charge).  Hopefully I can get a much-need cash infusion (I survive on a lot of ramen) while The Dishwasher plods toward Cert.  If it fails, well… back to the drawing board.

Of course, if ZSX4 becomes some crazy cult hit, I might end up trying to move my focus to XBCG–or at least trying to keep some sort of little XBCG project in the pipeline when possible.  It would be cool to make a smaller-scope street brawling ZSX5 or something or a Zombies and Pterodactyls remix.

Anyway, I’ll keep updating on ZSX4’s progress.