A Super Mysterious E3 Surprise Awaits!

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As mentioned in last week’s Good Morning Gato, James and I will be in LA for E3 and we have a little surprise waiting for you. On the 6th of June, more information will be revealed but in the meantime enjoy this super mysterious teaser!

Good Morning Gato #60 – Spring Kitten

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The oppressive heat wave has finally lifted leaving us with a week of true spring weather bliss! Obviously, Gato enjoys the mild weather and can now be found chilling in the sun porch, looking outside the screen door and being a lazy cat on the living room floor. Spring is… Read More

Good Morning Gato #59 – Plastic Bag Hideaway

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Gato has discovered her very own personal hideaway. It’s her plastic bag sanctuary that’s free of human annoyance and Neko’s negative attitude. What Gato isn’t hiding from is this week’s update, which (luckily for you) can be found just after the break.