Good Morning Gato #59 – Plastic Bag Hideaway

Gato has discovered her very own personal hideaway. It’s her plastic bag sanctuary that’s free of human annoyance and Neko’s negative attitude. What Gato isn’t hiding from is this week’s update, which (luckily for you) can be found just after the break.

Ongoing Projects
I figured I’d start off this week’s admittedly short blog with a quick recap of the projects that are taking place at Ska Studios. To make this an even quicker read, I’m relying on my trusty bullet points:
Charlie Murder is being crafted with indie love and care.
• Secret project is being polished with a heavy coat of … well, polish.
• General PAX planning is taking place.
• E3 is on the mind.
• Wondering if use of bullet points is crazy efficient or just crazy lazy.

After receiving random Ska-related questions on Facebook, Twitter, via email and by postcard, we’ve decided to create one digital space for all questions to be asked and answered. I present to you the official Ska Studios Formspring!

What’s Formspring? Well, Mr. or Ms. internet novice, Formspring is a service that allows anyone (with or without an account) to ask us questions about anything. You ask a Ska Studios related question, it gets sent to us and then our answering robot (aka Michelle) will decide if such inquiry gets an answer. You can even ask questions anonymously, freeing you from certain shame when you ask those embarrassing hygeine-related questions.

Now, jump onto Formspring and get to questioning!

Other Plantastic Plans
And that’s about it for this week. I completely admit that recent Good Morning Gato updates have lacked a certain “new game excitement!” and “awesome news is coming!” flavor, but I can only predict that we’ll have more to talk about in the weeks ahead. (For those who don’t recognize subtly, I just hinted about newsworthy words are coming in the weeks ahead.)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day 🙂