Good Morning Gato #62 – In The End I Am Free

This past weekend was a hectic one for Gato and her sister, Neko. A dog was to be added to the happy family, but not if Gato could help it. After a flurry of claws, blood and revenge (the dog and cats themselves unharmed), it was not to be. In the end, Gato was free, and that’s all that mattered to her.

Old Bat
This week wasn’t only eventful for the cats but also the rest of Ska Studios! If you follow us on twitter, you could have noticed that Wednesday was a very special day for James as it was his 30th second 29th birthday! I baked him a batty cake for his momentous milestone.

A Super Mysterious Surprise!
Also mentioned earlier this week, we will have a secret surprise to be revealed during E3. Whet your whistle with this teaser. We’re keeping people guessing what this secret could possibly be because it is, in fact, a secret to everybody. As always, feel free to say “heya” to us while we roam the floors of the E3 expo halls!

Supporting the Arts
While I don’t have a new instructional blog post for you this week, I have created my own Etsy shop! While the works here are mostly personal artwork, from time to time you may find Ska Studios related projects for sale. Be sure to follow me on twitter for announcements of additions to my little shop.