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San Diego Comic Con and More Shirts!

Here’s your friendly neighborhood reminder that we’ll be in San Diego next week for Comic-Con, exhibiting with The Behemoth and other fabulous indies at booth 229. Expo days are the 20th through the 23rd with a preview day on the 19th.

We have some more Salt and Sanctuary shirt sizes in stock including more 2XL and ladies cut small through XL. You can throw money at your screen at our merch shop, store.ska-studios.com and music, music.ska-studios.com. We’ll also have the Salt and Sanctuary shirts for sale at Comic-Con!

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Salt and Sanctuary on PSVita Now!

Salt and Sanctuary is now available on PlayStation®Vita! If you don’t already own it, you can buy it on the PlayStation store here.

Update: The Europe version is now live, too!

Unfortunately, last minute issues are causing the Europe version to be delayed. We are so sorry about this delay and working to get it available as soon as possible. I’ll update here and on our social medias once we know more. Follow us at @skastudios @shelldragon @jamezila.

Cross-Buy Workaround

If you purchased Salt and Sanctuary on PS4 previously, you should be able to download the game on PSVita for free. However, we’ve been informed that this isn’t showing up for some people. Sony gave us a temporary workaround: re-downloading the game on your PS4 will cause the Vita version to unlock. Some people are also having luck queuing up the download from the PlayStation Store on the web. They’re working to get it sorted out so it just works, but the workaround at least means you won’t be buying the game twice.


While we hope everyone will enjoy our Vita launch, there are some launch issues to be aware of that Sickhead Games and we are working on.

  • Crashing in various places such as Hagar’s Cavern and Ruined Temple – looking into this asap
  • Online features, such as messages and tombstones, are disabled at the moment
  • Logos and icon on the launch loading screens flicker
  • The launch loading screen just takes too long!
  • The store is showing the game as available on PS3 – I’m told this is referencing PS3 > Vita remote play

I’ll be adding to our known issues list here as I can!

Thanks everyone and happy playing and again so many apologies for the delay and the cross-buy issue. For those who are unsure, the cross-buy promotion is through the PlayStation Network for PS4 and PSVita. Sorry for the confusion.

80 Comments March 28, 2017

These Dead Waters Stir: Salt and Sanctuary Launches March 28th on PSVita!

You can also find the following over at the PlayStation Blog!

It’s been long. But despair not, the wait is nearly at an end.

We launched Salt and Sanctuary one entire year ago on Playstation 4. Our dreary, heavily Souls-inspired 2D action RPG was incredibly well received, and while we’ve been overjoyed and overwhelmed by the range of emotions your feedback held — excitement! Frustration! Enthusiasm! Rage! — we felt your resounding reminder of a promise we made in our very first trailer: that Salt and Sanctuary would come to Playstation Vita.

We’re Ska Studios, a two-person husband and wife studio that lives somewhere around Seattle, and Salt and Sanctuary is our fourth major game. Salt and Sanctuary is our studios’ heartfelt love letter to the Souls series: a 2D platforming dark RPG that seeks to capture the danger and mystery of a haunted, unforgiving world, the freedom of exploration and customization, and the weight of your choices meaningfully impacting each playthrough in significant ways.

Would you believe we originally were aiming to launch on Vita and PS4 at the same time? After all, a complex, deep, ARPG like Salt and Sanctuary would be a perfect fit for Vita. We may have been overambitious — reckless even! But we think the wait will be worth it, and we hope you’ll agree when Salt and Sanctuary finally launches on PS Vita this coming Tuesday, March 28 for Americas and Europe with Japan coming soon.

Ska and Sickhead

Salt and Sanctuary for Vita marks the first Ska Studios title that… well… we didn’t make! That honor goes to Sickhead Games, the studio behind the console ports of Stardew Valley, Darkest Dungeons, Axiom Verge and more. Not only is Sickhead Games responsible for our Vita port, but they’re the ones behind MonoGame for Vita, without which Vita wouldn’t have received ports of TowerFall and Axiom Verge, which Sickhead also did. They’re as talented as they are overworked.

We had a small hand in the port: nudging some HUD elements here, tightening up the camera there, tweaking an effect or two when we needed to, but our contribution on the Vita port was pretty minimal. The fantastic, talented folks at Sickhead Games were the ones behind all of the low-level, nightmare-inducing logic that will make games like Salt and Sanctuary on Vita even possible.

Cross-buy, and thanks!

As promised, Salt and Sanctuary will be cross-buy across Vita and Playstation 4. If you bought it a year ago for Playstation 4, when it launches on Vita, you’ll already own it!

Of course, a big thank you to you for your patience and support. No game studio can survive without the respect of its customers, and the last thing we want is to feel like we’re letting you down. You’ve all been so awesome. Keep expunging heretics, making OP builds, doing naked level 1 runs, and abusing glitches. Above all, keep surviving.

22 Comments March 24, 2017

GDC, Postmortem and Salt and Sanctuary in Korean!

At the end of February, we traveled to San Francisco for GDC to deliver a 30 minute postmortem for Salt and Sanctuary. The talk will be available in the GDC vault, though we don’t know yet if it will be publicly available or only to attendees. It was an amazing talk with a full room, and we were really surprised and humbled by the great reception. One never knows how these things will go, and we aren’t the best of public speakers, but we still put on our presenter hats and did our best.

We also posted a write-up covering most of the talk over at the PlayStation blog! Go read the postmortem over here!


Salt and Sanctuary is now available in the Korean language! We launched on the morning of March 10th KST on Steam. You can check out some coverage already over at Inven , Ruliweb, and This is Game.

We now have this list of languages complete:

  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (Br)
  • Japanese
  • Korean

We’re also working toward Russian, Polish and finishing Simplified Chinese. Traditional Chinese may be coming as well.

We’re in certification for the PSVita! We can’t get into details (there are a few, and they’re not pretty), but going live by the end of the month is looking within our grasp. Sadly, we won’t be able to hit the one year anniversary of the PlayStation 4 launch, which is coming up next Wednesday! We apologize to everyone who has been waiting so patiently. It was, for the most part, out of our hands, but we think the wait will be worth it.

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A Very Salty Valentine’s from Ska Studios

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Feel free to print these for someone you fancy(right click, save image as) or if you like, they’re also up on our RedBubble!

Unspeakable Deep suggestion from IronMaus
Queen of Smiles suggestion from Lobosjr
Salty card by Shelldragon
All art drawn by Shelldragon

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