Closure and Pluggage

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Well, I finally made it back home Friday morning, after two nights in O’Hare.  The Friday morning flight was even delayed twice–which is what happened with the previous two flights before they were canceled.  Nice little scare to end the trip with! In other news: The kind folks at… Read More

Juicy Screens

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Here are some nice new Dishwasher Screenies, for your viewing enjoyment (and as a little “I’m not dead” post): I’ve been hard at work implementing netcode and just generally cleaning and polishing, and I’m becoming quite proud of how The Dishwasher is starting to look. I think I’m at a… Read More

I've Been Immortalized!

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I’ve been immortalized in webcomic format, thanks to Raven Perez over at God Mode. Check it out! I had no idea I was so pale and… well… vampire-like, but I think I can live with it. Funny stuff (based on a true story, in fact). Thanks, Raven!

Dishwasher gets exposure

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It’s been a fun week since the big news, and I’ve been loving all the notice I’ve gotten from the webs. Here are some good ones: TeamXbox: Earning a master’s degree in Computer Science is no small feat, and neither is creating a highly-polished video game han-solo-style in only six… Read More

A Winner Is Dishwasher!

James posted on in GameFest, Press, The Dishwasher, XNA · 6 Comments »

Looks like The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is headed live! From Gamespot: The cowinners of the contest were Blazing Birds by David Flook of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai by James Silva of Marcy, New York. Flook’s Blazing Birds is a futuristic 2D twist on badminton, with robotic… Read More

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