Just an Experiment…

I get a lot of requests to add multiplayer to SCZ.  While I’m not going to get to work on the code base of that old thing, I was giving some thought to creating an XNA/XBLA version with couch and live co-op and team games, based on smaller scenarios.

Well, long story short, thought gave way to coding, and after a little bit of work, here’s what I came up with:


Brilliant, no?

If you want to play with the old SCZ (warning: won’t work on Vista, won’t work on displays that don’t support 640 x 480, may just not work in general), here’s the zip.

I’m not guaranteeing this game (let’s call it Survival Crisis X for now) will get off the ground, and if it does, everyone will have to wait at least a year for it to see the light of day, but hey, I just love posting screenies!