New Logo!

Michelle and I are scrambling like crazies to get ourselves fully PAX Prepared, and with epic Boston approaching in just under two weeks, we’ve turned our collective creativity beams to an area we’ve dumbly neglected for far too long: mediastuffthings.  In case you haven’t heard, Charlie Murder began life as a very, very rough looking XBLIG game, so between the day Vampire Smile passed cert and today, Charlie Murder’s been subjected to new gameplay systems, art overhauls, gameplay system overhauls, spiders, tweaks, and rainbows, but what we haven’t quite done was to take all that revamped, overhauled, actually-good-looking stuff and put it into a nice little package, henceforth to be referred to as mediastuffthings.  With all of the spiders and rainbows tweaked (yes, this is my career), we’re getting our media act together to face the impending reality that is PAX Boston East 2012 in Boston (at least I think that’s what it’s called).

Behold: a logo!

Also, there’s a website, but it’s just about as placeholder as you can get.

I ramble more after the break:

We have a To Do List:

I’m working on a trailer for the game; in fact, I’m copying 25 GB of video to my editing rig literally right now (it will probably not be as cool as this one, but c’mon James, drop that defeatist attitude!).  Then we need screenshots and some sort of manifesto-esque press release.  So much has changed since the XBLIG game; it’s turning into something really amazing.  Also, it got violent, dude.

Help us make Charlie Murder!

There were a lot suggestions at PAX Prime when we showed off a much-less-overhauled build, and some of them, like a kickass curb stomp, made it in (thank you, mystery gamer who insisted I add a curb stomp!).  We crave feedback, and even though we might look super surly and tired (and probably sick) when you visit our booth in two weeks, we actually care a great deal about your opinion and think you are a wonderful representative of the human species.  Getting an outside opinion is super important: not only do we not get too many opportunities to do playtesting, but we’re starting to suffer from some serious developer tunnel vision, you know, the point you get to where you have absolutely no idea what your game looks like to anyone else.

This does not count as a Good Morning Gato

Good Morning Gatos must occur on Friday, we mustn’t break protocol!  Here’s a picture of Neko though, hopefully you are now appeased.