April 1st is Dishwasher Day!

James posted on in Awesome, The Dishwasher, XBLA · 25 Comments »

The press release went out, so I can finally open my big mouth! April 1st is Dishwasher Day!  (no joke) From the release: The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is a 2-D stylistic action platformer for Xbox LIVE® Arcade showcasing fast action, deep gameplay, and a unique visual style. An undead samurai… Read More

We passed!

James posted on in Dead Samurais, The Dishwasher, XBLA · 9 Comments »

We did it!  We passed cert! Here’s some random (rough) statistics: Total development time: 2+ years Active bugs closed: 500+ Builds submitted: 50 Pre-cert milestone builds passed: 5 Pre-cert milestone builds failed: Probably 5! Cups of coffee consumed: 2200 Times thought project was doomed: 81020 Times decided to have faith… Read More

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