The Dishwasher Lives!


Fitting heading for a game about a dead samurai, eh?

I just put the flash site up at  Try to find the secret Neko video (no, not the age gate fail Neko video.  Hint: Sandra Bullock in The Net).

I think there was a bit of a marketing mishap leading into this: several months ago, gamerscoreblog wanted some previously unheard of Dishwasher facts for a post, so I told them about the killer solo minigames and hidden phantom guitar and shadow co-op features.  They posted on this, and somewhere in the shuffle, the secret features became selling points.

So, if you bought The Dishwasher just for killer solos or phantom guitar co-op, you may be disappointed because:

  • there are only 3 killer solo tracks and
  • phantom guitar is not a selling point.  It’s alright, but, well, there’s really only so much you can do with a guitar controller in an action game.

However, the rest of the game’s not that bad, right?  Well…

  • TeamXbox liked it: “The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is an amazing game, even if you don’t have any idea of how it came about or about the size of the studio that made it.”
  • OXM liked it: “From how Dishwasher bleeds details with its goth-y antihero cleaving chumps in two to how its meaty, crunchy jabs and slashes feel, it’s all incredibly well done.”
  • IGN thought it was ok: “The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is an enjoyable button masher and a commendable effort considering it’s the work of one person.”
  • Teletext Game Central (???) hated it: “It may be a matter of taste but we didn’t like the murky, indistinct graphics, whose endless spurts of blood fail to really titillate.”

What the heck is Teletext Game Central?

Anyway, love it or hate it, it’s here!  Deal with it!

Now, if you are wondering about those special modes:

  • The phantom guitar is enabled by finding the Amulet of Phantom Rock.  This is hidden near the start of Ivy Trail.
  • The Dishwasher’s shadow is enabled by finding the Amulet of Shadow Skull.  This is near the Killer Solo Amp in St. Crux Cemetery.
  • There are 3 Killer Solo Amps spread out in the main game.  There are an additional 3 Amps in Samurai difficulty.  If an Amp has a spotlight glowing on it, that means winning the solo will earn you a Psycho Pick.

Really though, they’re not selling points.  They’re fun features, but they’re ancillary.  Awesomely ancillary.

Now for the ugly:

There’s a bit of an achievement snafu.  To earn the Master of Arcade Dishwashing achievement, you have to beat level 50 in single player or local co-op.  This came up right at the end of testing; the logic for okaying it was that when you play over Live, you’re playing individual levels, not a continuous track of levels (hence no end credits); however, we should probably address this in a title update.  If we did try to smooth this over at the end of testing, the game could’ve been delayed another month.  Decisions…

Also, Dishwasher is getting a lot of weird comparisons.  Alien Hominid?  It just seems lazy–as if the market is only big enough for one side scroller with stylized art, regardless of the game play.  (I admit both games featuring CIA-style goons is a little suspect, but I had goons in Zombie Smashers X2 years before, and I put them in there as a nod to The Matrix/Reservoir Dogs/Anything Else Involving Guys With Suits and Guns)

Silly reviewers…

But then again, don’t we all know how I feel about game reviews?