Guest column is up!

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I wrote a guest column for; check it out.  It’s all about the whole Dream Build Play episode of last summer, and is a great read for James Silva stalkers enthusiasts.

More on repetition and games

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I just thought of another game that could’ve used more repetition: God of War 2. Granted, it was an amazing game with some crazy cool parts, but like Halo 3, some of the protagonist’s badassery was dampened by the fact that you would be thrust from one completely unfamiliar situation… Read More

The Incredible Blog Relaunch

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Anyone keeping tabs on me will notice some things: The original blog somehow died The site has become extremely minimal (geocities-esque, even) I think I know what happened, but I’m not sure. My guess is that somehow someone got some malicious whatnot on my simplePHP blog, which resulted in timeouts… Read More