On those crazy XBLA price tags…

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So, here we are: Braid‘s on XBLA for 1200 points, and now Castle Crashers has hit XBLA for another 1200 points.  They’re two excellent games (I unsurprisingly gravitated toward the latter, going as far as to dub yesterday “Castle Crashers Day”) and they both embody much of what the indie… Read More

A warning about signing bonuses

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So, as many of you may know, I was gainfully employed for a large defense contracting company for about two months before the whole GameFest fiasco (of the good fiasco variety).  I did Java programming for graphics with OpenGL and enjoyed what I did just enough. I received a signing… Read More

No more bad comments, man!

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Ok–registration is now required to leave a comment.  I tried to leave it open, but got too many in the vein of “____ sucks” and “release game already plz thx.”  If you want me to release the game sooner, leaving mindlessly negative feedback won’t help! That being said, it won’t… Read More

New Dishwashirt Store!

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Ok, this Paypal stuff is ridiculous–evidently it decided to stop working at some point.  Well, I still have an account with Esellerate, so I set up a store there. Here’s the link: Sorry about the trouble!

Disclaimers and apologies

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I should probably put up a disclaimer regarding comments: Disclaimer: Anonymously posted flamebait will be summarily deleted. Moderation is in effect! Also, I should clarify my remarks on repetition and the titles I used as examples. I really liked Halo 3 and God of War 2. I just felt that… Read More