Salt and Sanctuary Update now available on Steam!

Thanks to the ongoing work of Zephyrus Greene, maintenance and updates on Salt and Sanctuary have resumed. Expect a lot of fixes, as well as QoL improvements. The current update is PC only. It’s a big list: patch notes:

The recent public beta is now over and the patch has been released.

As previously noted, major patches will now be preserved in Steam Beta branches. The previous patch is still accessible as it was when it was live.


  • Moved save data, config file, and log files to User Documents (Windows Only).
  • Existing saves and config file are copied to the same folder.
  • Added cloud saves for Steam (Windows Only).
  • Player inventory size has been increased, saves are no longer backwards compatible.

Input Glitches

  • Fixed double inputs for long jump.
  • Fixed double inputs for weapon swapping/ instant incantations.
  • Fixed double inputs for ladder movement / glide.
  • Bell of Return no longer works while airborne.
  • Fixed an input combination allowing aim-flying.


  • Added screenshake menu options: 100%, 50%, 0%.
  • Added blood/gore menu option: normal/reduced.
  • Added framerate menu options from 60 to 360.
  • Added in game Vsync menu option.
  • Fixed mouse control option not saving to config file.
  • Added inventory sorting option, cycles between: None, Equipped, Upgrade Rank, Type->Tier->Upgrade.
  • Percentage toggle is now also used to toggle numeric scaling values on weapons.
  • Added strike/slash breakdown to weapons.
  • Press and hold for level and item incrementation now work on keyboard/mouse.

Coop Tweaks

  • Removed rare item restriction for shared pickups.
  • Added shared gold pickups.
  • Rotten platforms respawn faster in coop.
  • Enemies have increased stagger values in coop.
  • Coop player may turn in work at their proper creed.

Item Updates

  • Kismet Ring updated from +3 to +15 item find.
  • Fixed Sparkling Ring, now grants +25% to all healing.
  • Fixed Ring of Meditation, now grants proper 10% prayer cost reduction.
  • Fixed Burning Sky Ring, now also grants proper 10% incantation cost reduction.
  • Fixed Pale Charm, now grants reach to all melee attacks.
  • Added Twinmetal Ring, Corroded Ring, Band of the Humble, Heartspent Ring, and Stone Ring.
  • Twinmetal Ring grants 50% damage multiplier to fist damage.
  • Corroded Ring grants +50% damage to thrown potions.
  • Band of the Humble grants +3 wisdom.
  • Stone Ring grants +10 poise.
  • Heartspent grants +50% focus for -50% health.


  • Unarmed attack damage now shows in the player menu.
  • Merged spell and incantation carry/cost reduction formulas. Both now use incantation’s calculation.
  • Magic costs in the UI now show their base focus costs instead of their stamina costs.
  • Alchemist NPC now properly grants the zone bonus of +10% to all defense.
  • Screens with resolutions greater than 4096×4096 no longer crash.
  • Guardian Blade and Flamestar now ignore enemy iframes from recent hits.
  • Crossbow now properly uses aimed trajectory when using mouse.
  • Aiming now shows aim-line, even when mouse is set to hidden.


  • Fixed various enemy grabs ignoring collisions and/or teleporting the player.
  • The Coveting can no longer go off screen.
  • The Coveting now both activate upon damaging the Coveted axe.
  • That Stench Most Foul’s stenchpods can now reenter the arena.
  • Angsty Bones ai updated. Can teleport a maximum 3 times in a row.
  • Murdiella Mal no longer drops salt on NG+ cycles.
  • Kraekan Wyrm no longer clips into the floor.
  • Witch of the Lake can no longer go off screen.
  • Jester can no longer be pulled out of his room.
  • Ground fire can no longer damage bosses if player is outside the arena.
  • Tree of Men now properly returns stolen salt at 75% hp.

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