Salt and Sanctuary on PS4 in Asia and a New Website

Hey Ska-friends. We have a quick update for you today.

PlayStation Asia
You may have noticed a new patch on PlayStation! This patch includes some minor bug and balance fixes as well as the addition of Chinese and Korean languages. With these languages added, Salt and Sanctuary is now also available in the Asia region on PlayStation 4! We’re experiencing technical difficulties with the PSVita update but that should be coming shortly. As a heads up, when the store is updated for PSVita, Chinese and Korean won’t be available at first but will be patched in as soon as we can. Official Chinese will unfortunately be delayed on Steam but we’ll update you when it will be included.

New Website
Regular Ska Studios blog readers will know we’ve had the same design for over a decade and it’s finally time for an upgrade. In the very near future, this website will have an all new look! Please do not be alarmed, do not adjust your monitor settings and look forward to our shiny, new website!

There’s no further news for the time being, but hopefully we’ll get to tell you some cool things early next year. Have a great holiday season and see you soon (hopefully this week) with a brand new website design!