A Little Update

It’s been crazy this past month and few weeks. I’ve gone nearly insane dealing with the flood of emails and messages from press and players, handling all the business items that no one wants to do but still have to be done, and released some patches while also trying to get our Steam release ready. The PS4 launch went well though and for the most part, people really like Salt and Sanctuary. So, that all said, we apologize we haven’t been able to reply to everyone or give updates as much as we would like. The two of us are spread a tad thin. Regardless, here are some updates now!

  • At long last, the Salt and Sanctuary soundtrack is up and available for download here on our Bandcamp!
  • We’re gearing up for our PC launch and while we don’t have a specific date just yet, we’re hoping to know within the month.
  • We also unfortunately don’t know details on the Vita port; just that it is being handled by other developer. As soon as we’re able to reveal more, we will surely post about it!
  • We’re working with publishers right now for releases in Japan and Asia. No chrono-details yet.
  • There is a limited physical release of Salt and Sanctuary on PS4 in the works. Also no chrono-details yet.
  • Speaking of posting, if you’re tired of checking our blog here for the big scoop, you can still and always sign up for our newsletter where these updates will travel through the internet tubes straight to your inbox.
  • There’s a bunch of new fan art on the Art Unicorner and our Facebook album! If you have art you want to share, send me an email at michelle {at} ska-studios {dot} com with the name you want to be credited as and the title of your piece!
  • Shirts! We have more back in the store!
  • Did I mention we’re only two people? X_X The cats really need to start pulling their weight.

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