Good Morning Gato #164 – Sharing is Caring

Good Morning! Good afternoon, good evening or good late-what-are-you-doing-up-at-this-hour depending on where you are in the world. Today’s Good Morning Gato isn’t a huge news but we see it as somewhat of a light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ve had a great time sharing some of our development process on Twitch with you on our three-times-a-week dev stream but the time has come where we’re out of development we can share without major spoilers or incredibly boring bug fixing. We may do some intermittent, unscheduled dev streaming for asset art or casual things we can share, but for the time being, our regular schedule will be on hiatus.

We’re now polishing and bug squashing. Ever still, we don’t have a release date but we are aiming for early 2016. (Hopefully before other certain games so we can be free to play the heck out of them without worrying about finishing our own.)

Don’t worry about missing that release date announcement. We shall announce it with great fervor! We’ll announce it here on our blog, we’ll announce it on our Twitter and Facebook, we’ll announce it in our newsletter which you can sign up for HERE, we’ll have an announcement trailer HERE on YouTube and everywhere we can, just short of skywriting.

We’ll keep you posted!