Good Morning Gato #160 – Not So Good Morning Gato

Gato wants to know why there’s a camera in her face at this hour. She just wants to catch a few more Zs and here you are up in her whiskers, trying to get an adorable snapshot. Well, Gato, there’s things to post about this morning so look sharp.

Salt Coverage

Updates, Updates, Updates
Keep in mind we don’t post everything because we want to keep some things a surprise, but here is a taste of what we’ve been working on since the last GMG:

  • Local PVP works! Also working more on local co-op
  • Anchor weapon
  • New armored halberd and shield-wielding monster
  • New equal parts funny and terrifying bird-lady monster
  • Lots and lots more weapon and monster animations
  • Player armor from monsters
  • Art for PAX things (psst, we’ll be at PAX! We’ll have postcards, buttons and stuff!)

As a continued reminder, we do dev streams three times a week. You can find the schedule and location on our main Twitch channel here. Come visit, view and vocalize with us today at 1 pm PST!