Good Morning Gato #159 – What Yarn?

We’re back from E3! We’ve been back for two weeks, but let’s pretend we just got back — settling back into routine is hard to do. Meanwhile, Gato is pretending she doesn’t know where the yarn went. Or she was recently distracted by ghosts (cats can see ghosts, you know).

We met tons of cool people and got to share our game with all the E3 goers. We also got to show off our new made-just-for-E3 trailer! Behold! It’s now finally online for the rest of the world to view.

No trip to a far away land is complete without a link roundup. Take a gander:

What are we working on? Here’s what we’re working on!

While we do dev streams three times a week to give you all the information we possibly can, it’s not always the best platform for everyone. Here’s a recap on what you missed on the streams:

  • Living version of the Murderfly creature
  • Enemy animations
  • 2h sword, 2h axe, scythe, 2h katana style sword, halberd attack animations
  • Phase two boss moves
  • Uploaded E3 trailer
  • Wrote a Good Morning Gato post

As always, you can keep up with us on our dev streams on our Ska Studios channel Mondays and Fridays and on the Indie MEGABOOTH channel on Tuesdays, all at 1 PM PST.

Don’t miss us today, Friday! Our usual time is 1 PM PST but we’ll be doing this crazy thing called getting outdoors and hiking so we may be a little delayed. Check our Twitter for updates!

Also, don’t forget about our FAQ!