Good Morning Gato #149 – Some R&R

PAX is over and everybody is winding down from the excitement and getting back to work. Gato, however, will be neither winding down nor getting back to work, forever existing and in a state of flux that is both excitement and laziness. Never change, Gato.

The Week After PAX
“Wow” best sums up last weekend. Our PAX this year was phenomenal. We announced Salt and Sanctuary, showed off the game, and of course met some amazing new people. Check out our Facebook album of some pictures of the event!

Link Roundup
It’s not a PAX without a post-PAX link round up! Here they are!

  • Polygon – Salt and Sanctuary brings a love of 2D Castlevania and Dark Souls to PS4, Vita
  • Polygon video preview – How Salt and Sanctuary reimagines Dark Souls as a 2D action-platformer
  • Game Informer – Salt And Sanctuary: Soulvania
  • MPOGD – PAX 2014: Salt and Sanctuary
  • Game Front – Salt and Sanctuary Preview – PAX Prime 2014 (VIDEO)
  • Pocket Gamer – Salt and Sanctuary is a violent action-RPG for Vita from the Charlie Murder devs
  • Worth Playing – ‘Salt and Sanctuary’ (ALL) Announced – Screens & Trailer
  • Joystiq – Ska Studios shifts to Sony after 6 years on Xbox
  • PAX stream! We start at 01:17:18.
  • New Posters!

    That’s right, there are new posters! I got some new Charlie Murder and Vampire Smile prints without all that annoying text on the bottom and also created brand new Salt and Sanctuary posters. Get ’em while they’re hot! [Disclaimer: posters will not actually be hot to the touch unless they’ve been sitting in the sun or you have, for some reason, set them on fire.]

    You may also have noticed a few visual changes to our website! If not, please clear those cookies and try again!