PAX Prime 2014 Info

Going to PAX? Here’s your one stop spot for all Ska Studios PAX happenings.

You can find us within the Indie MEGABOOTH, booth number 783, indicated by the red circle on this here map!

We’ll be there showing our new game, talking to people, perhaps signing things and selling some merch. For further map-type-graphics, check out the handy Penny Arcade Expo guidebook!

Our booth isn’t the only place you may find us. We have two panels this year!

Panel 1 ~
What:“Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Tales of Successful Indies”.
When: Friday Aug. 29th 11:30am
Where: Sandworm Theatre
Who: Michelle Juett Silva [Art Unicorn, Ska Studios], Megan Fox [Founder / Programmer / Designer, Glass Bottom Games], Alix Stolzer [Co-Founder / Cat Whisperer / Anything-That’s-Not-Programming, Robot Loves Kitty], Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda [Designer, DoubleBear Productions], Fryda Wolff [Voice Actor / Former Sound Designer, Freelance]

Panel 2 ~
What: “Until Game Over Do Us Part: Life and Love as a Dev Couple”.
When: Monday Sept. 1st 11:30am
Where: Wombat Theatre
Who: Michelle Juett Silva [Art Unicorn, Ska Studios], James Silva [Lead Dishwasher, Ska Studios], Alix Stolzer [Co-Founder, Robot Loves Kitty], Calvin Goble [Co-Founder / Programmer, Robot Loves Kitty], Erik Johnson [PR and Marketing Lead, Writer, Content Developer, Arcen Games], Holly Keenan [Co-Founder, Misfits Attic], Tim Keenan [Co-Founder, Misfits Attic]

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow morning!

Hope to see you there!