Good Morning Gato #138 – Gato Spies Something New

The ledge above our office door is Gato’s favorite place to spy on us. Creepy, Gato, just creepy. What’s she looking at?

Maybe she’s looking at this? It’s TIME VIKING!!!!!ANDSPACERAPTOR!

James posted this about the new potential XBLIG yesterday. TV! and SR will be coming to Xbox LIVE Indie Games! That is, it will be as soon as it passes peer review. Unfortunately, we had to take it down due to a crash bug so we’ll be fixing that and be back up in a week when we will once again ask for peer reviews!

Space Raptor is just the cutest, isn’t he?

Merch Store Grand Re-Opening!

Or maybe Gato is looking at this! We have a new store! Well, it’s the same store stuff but with a new, shiny storefront! With the new move, we’ve also cut the prices of our “vintage” shirts from 14.99 to 9.99. The “blacknwhitefriday” code still works, until December 16th now. The code can be added once at checkout instead of each individual item. I’ve also introduced a new shipping cost system. It should be much cheaper for you, the Ska-bro and becomes free after 45$ worth of stuff, even internationally! I really like our new store front, do you? Please let me know what does and does not work for you!